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Muraiolo (2+2) - 45 m2



Who chooses the Muraiolo they will appreciate the warm and pleasant: from the dining room with double sofa-bed and kitchenette, you get to the bathroom and bedroom. The decor is inspired by the red and yellow of Africa, and by the exotic Travel in search of origins.

With a private terrace with table and umbrella.
Muraiolo (or Moraiolo) is an olive tree variety native to Tuscany and widespread in most of the national territory, although mainly in central Italy.
Plant moderately rustic and undemanding: although it prefers hilly terrain it adapts to various soils. Presents a limited vigor, not very voluminous and medium-thick foliage; the branches with the fruits are short and twisted. Sometimes it has difficulty in healing the pruning cuts. It does not suffer too much from the drought or the wind, but fears among other things the stagnation of water.
It has high and constant productivity, has a good content in oil (18-20%); the latter is of good quality (high content of polyphenols) and appreciated for the fruity scent with nuances of bitter and spicy.
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