Via Toppello, 5/7 – 06073 Corciano (PG) Loc.Mantignana
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Leccino (2+0) - 40 m2


The shady cypress will welcome entry: sit back and enjoy the silence of this apartment, from the freshest in the summer. Leccino has a dining room with a kitchenette in which the half-timbered ceiling enhances the taste of the past, a bathroom with shower and double bedroom. Indulge in long moments of relax on the veranda and let the gaze is lost amongst the green vineyards​.

Possibility to add a small bed / coat inside the room.
Probably of Tuscan origin, Leccino is one of the most widely cultivated olive cultivars in the Italian territory, but its characteristics have made it even more successful abroad.
Its great resistance to the main adversities and the ability to adapt to more land, together with the good quality of the oil, are the characteristics that mainly determined its great success and appreciation.
Plant of medium-large size, the foliage is dense, while the branches have tops dating.
The oil, golden yellow with green reflections, is of excellent quality; fresh, slightly fruity, slightly bitter and spicy; some can see notes of aromatic herbs.
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