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Frantoio (2+2) - 50 m2


On the side of the ancient farmhouse overlooking the valley below, there is the Frantoio, a large open-space apartment where you can spend a quiet holiday in the Umbrian countryside. The apartment consists of lounge with kitchenette, equipped with a sofa bed, sleeping area with double bedroom and bathroom with exposed stone. The theme that inspired Frantoio is the Time and the desire to recover it.​

Frantoio is one of the most uniformly spread olive cultivars on the national territory.
Medium-sized and vigorous tree with enlarged and medium-thick foliage. The main branches are gnarled, while the thin and long fruiting branches with a rising top. It adapts quite well to various terrains.
It goes into production early and productivity is high and constant. Good oil yield (20-22%). This dark green with golden reflections is of excellent quality: fine, aromatic, fruity and fruity, with nuances of spicy and bitter. Some of them include various hints including: fresh grass, unripe apple, artichoke, marjoram, rosemary, lettuce, celery and almond.

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