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 Courses for children, short walks or trekking for experts to discover the most beautiful views in the area.

The collaboration with 3 nearby stables can offer horse lovers of all ages a rich and dynamic ranging from courses for children to excursions to discover the most beautiful views in the area.

It ’must be booked at least one day before each trip, telling us your personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth, address and zip code) in order to enable the compulsory insurance already included.

 - Range of CREST OF FURNACE. Duration 1h 30min.

Through meadows and woods, we come to the Etruscan tomb of Beechwood Forest, hidden among the oaks. Then continue along a path up the hill to svalicare and reach a dirt road leading back to the stables of the Castle passing Bisciaio. Recommended Time: 15:30 9.30 or For All!
        Tomb of Faggeto: Surrounded by beautiful beech trees, hence the name, was discovered accidentally in 1919 by some woodcutters. Along a corridor flanked by two walls you can reach the grave, marked by a hinged door consisting of a heavy slab of sandstone, which is still rotating on hinges in the door frames and architrave, a feature that differentiates it from any other similar example . It looks like a small rectangular burial chamber, covered by a barrel vault arches. It is datable to the late second century. B.C.

 - Excursion to Pian di Nese. Duration 2h 30min.

It rides on small trails to the ruins of Castle Gualtarotta (short stop) to go down to Pian di Nese forwards and one in a small valley under Monte Acuto fording a river with waterfalls. We return to another route to the stables.
         Gualtarotta Castle: The ruins, overlooking the village of Pian di Nese, overlooking the valley where the river flows Nese. Are clearly visible access to a pointed arch of stone masons. Prior to the fifteenth century.

 - Trekking in Mount Tezio. Duration half day. (min. 2 persons)

Itinerary for riders trained since the path length (approximately 20 km). Very scenic! Included a small picnic with homemade bread and cheese.
          Tezio Mount (961 m): The sides of the mountain are covered with oak forests of oak, oak and elm, hornbeam, and these are accompanied by ash, and pine trees of different species of conifers. The mountain and its surroundings are protected by the municipal park upstream Tezio, covering an area of ​​about 135 ha.
  In a grassy area of the valley, at an altitude of 917 m above sea level, lie the remains of ancient "neviere", where during the winter was introduced and compacted snow, protected by a substantial layer of straw, you could use during the ’summer

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