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18/03/2018, 21:13


 If you love outdoor sports and adventure, the green Umbria and its rivers suitable for rafting is the one for you.

Umbria, land of waterfalls and streams immersed in the green, seems made for this sport that offers unforgettable emotions.
Rafting combines the adventure and the beauty of the natural landscape observed from a unique perspective, from "inside the river".
Contrary to what one might think, rafting is a rather simple sport to practice: it is enough to know how to swim, be in good health and observe some basic safety rules.
Marmore Rafting in Umbria
The first place we want to point out to you is an exceptional location for rafting in Umbria: the Marmore Falls. About an hour and a half’s drive from Rome, just below the highest waterfall in Europe, the river Nera flows fast among the rocks for over three kilometers, forming exciting rapids, surrounded by lush vegetation and surrounded by a natural landscape of great charm. Once worn the clothing tin, life jacket and helmet, you will be ready to leave emotion and adventure!
Rafting in Umbria along the River Corno
The second place we recommend for rafting is the river Corno, ideal for a quiet descent surrounded by nature. If you are rather inexperienced or if you do not know how to swim at all, but at the same time do not want to miss the magic of rafting in Umbria, the descent of the river Corno is the one for you. The stretch in the navigable river is very quiet but no less striking. Within the Nera River Park, between the municipalities of Ferentillo and Arrone, you will have the opportunity to travel part of a 12-kilometer stretch for a "walk" in nature, sliding on the river, very special. Rafting along the river In fact, Horn is divided into two sections of the same length, for a duration of about 2 hours, which can be traveled safely by those who love sports and nature in complete relaxation! The waters of this river dig deep gorges in the calcareous rock, drawing narrow spaces of foaming waters, as in the Biselli narrow where you will have the opportunity to swim and drink water from a spring that flows directly from the rock. In different areas of the river Corno it is also possible to practice hydrospeed, an activity that is carried out by ’water, attached with your hands to a kind of plastic bob.

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