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18/03/2018, 21:07


 Take off and fly over the Valley of Assisi, landing right on the famous town that gave birth to St. Francis.

Taking a balloon ride in Umbria is now possible, thanks to the company Balloon Adventures Italy, captained by the pilot Peter Kollar.
For those who want to enjoy the hot air balloon ride in comfort, a shuttle service is available.
Your beautiful balloon will be right there waiting for you, ready for the flight. Before flying in a balloon over Umbria, the expert Captain Peter gathers all the passengers for a brief safety briefing.
Flying in a hot-air balloon will give you an unexpected intoxication.
You will feel the emotion rise when the balloon will be gently pushed upwards. The basket contains from 8 to 18 passengers.
Capacious and efficient, it guarantees all passengers the chance to admire the view of the Umbrian hills dotted with medieval villages with an immortal charm.
The view of the convent of San Francesco from above is one of the most exciting scenes of this balloon flight over Umbria.
Imagine: the air is calm and fresh, the earth under the basket is silent, waiting for the start of the day of the farmers, who devote themselves passionately to their crops.
Take a balloon ride in Umbria, near Assisi, it will seem a dreamlike experience.

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