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18/03/2018, 20:56


 Activo Park is the largest theme park in central Italy. Plan your visit in Umbria, in Scheggino, 10 minutes from Spoleto and the Marmore Falls.

Culture, sport, nature

Adventure park and amusement park, all in one!
Activo Park is for those who love life in contact with nature, sports, and outdoor training activities. It is an ideal destination for families looking for fun and entertainment; for schools as a destination for trips and excursions; for companies, which here can organize training courses, team building and incentives.

Activo Park is an amusement park completely immersed in nature and without any environmental or acoustic impact activities.
It is by far the largest theme park in Italy and is contextualized in a geographic and morphological area of ​​great attraction and interest for excursions, flora and fauna.
The park is located along the banks of the river Nera, near the charming medieval village of Scheggino (Valnerina), in a landscape of great beauty and charm. From the village there is a narrow wild valley towards the mountains, called Valcasana: here is Activo Park, which occupies about 25 hectares of which 7 are fenced and equipped with games and acrobatic activities. The narrow and evocative valley that houses the park rises from the Nera river up to the 1700 m of Monte Coscerno.

How to access the Park
The fenced area of ​​the park is accessible by ticket, differentiated according to the activities that you intend to do: with the ENTRANCE TO THE PARK you can use all the services and games on the ground of the park (watch), while the additions ONE, ADVENTURE and CANOPY TOUR also allows access to adventure trails suspended on trees (watch), which safety standards force to divide according to age, height, weight and agility.

Admission to the rest of the park is allowed freely for everyone, both for sports and hiking, while always respecting the park regulations.

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