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18/03/2018, 20:52


 Umbria is an unexpected landscape of water: lakes, springs, waterfalls, rapids, streams. A region where various water sports are practicable. Lake Trasimeno offers a variety of activities for a certain fun.

The Trasimeno area is a destination much loved by Italian and foreign tourists and by the Umbrian people themselves - the Perugians in particular - who never fail to enjoy the lake during the summer. Lake Trasimeno, with its large surface and shallow depth, is well suited to the practice of water sports and is increasingly becoming an ideal destination for disciplines such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, water skiing. At first, some of them can remind you of distant places: practicing them in Umbria is possible, you just need to bring a lot of fun!
If you love adrenaline sports like Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Wakeboard Lake Trasimeno is the right place for you: have fun running on water, let yourself be carried away by the wind and feel free to experience your tricks in complete safety. test your skills and learn how to sail in one of the schools in the area. For fun, sport or simple passion, approaching the sailing world you can enjoy the contact with nature and that indefinable feeling of freedom. Whether you are an expert with a boat license or a novice beginner, you will also have the opportunity to rent a ’sailing or motor boat to start exploring the lake, in total autonomy or accompanied by a professional skipper. During your navigation itinerary, do not miss the beauties of the three islands: Polvese with its Fortress, picnic areas, beaches. The Maggiore that houses the small town, known for the museum of lace and the Minor, the latter private and therefore not open to visitors. And if the day is warm, do not miss the opportunity for a nice dip in the lake! Sul Trasimeno is also possible to practice water skiing, thanks to the schools that organize the courses and provide the necessary equipment for lovers of this sport. For those who want to practice one of these disciplines, the advice is to go to Castiglione del Lago, Passignano or Tuoro sul Trasimeno, where you will find sailing clubs with qualified instructors.After an intense day of sport, enjoy a relaxing walk along the lake and in areas of the Darsena. Let yourself be enchanted by a sunset that everyone defines as extraordinary, where the still waters of the lake meet the last rays of the sun creating a truly magical play of light.

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